Kirk has a broad background of experience, skills, and knowledge that may be helpful to your specific situation, constraints, or outcomes.

Recent services to public entities include:

Facilitate a goal setting workshop:  a public entity was having difficulty setting goals as a way to prioritize or eliminate workload.  Kirk provided a process and tools that the team used to solve this challenge.  Result, not only did the group reach an outcome, but the process and tools can be reused to assist the group in the future.

Implement a new program:  a public entity needed assistance with a new program.  Kirk assisted the public entity establish policies, assisted the department to establish procedures, performance standards, and reporting requirements.  Then, Kirk assisted the public entity with implementation, problem solving, and media relations.

Internal communications and priorities:  a public entity was having trouble with internal communications and priority setting.  Kirk conducted a computer survey and confidential staff interviews.  Kirk provided training to improve “what” and “how” information was communicated.  Result, the improved communications allowed the public entity to work together to establish priorities for improved public service.

Public Trust:  a public entity was concerned about public perceptions regarding allegations against an employee.  Kirk conducted a neutral professional inquiry to establish the facts and circumstances surrounding the allegations.  Results, the public was pleased that the public entity hired an outside fact finder.

Data Modeling:  a public entity need to improve a database in light of new external regulations.  Kirk facilitated a process a process to transition from a legacy situation to a contemporary situation, getting input from users, planners, designers, and the implementation team.  Results, this proved to be an efficient use of time and a final product that worked for the public entity. 

Mentoring and Coaching:  public entity and nonprofit managers and executives use Kirk to assist with tough personnel decisions, improvement advice, conflict resolution mentoring, policy coaching, and upward mobility training.  Kirk has also provided supervisory, management, and executive training to groups.  Result, supervisors, managers, and executives have more tools and more options to deal with a faster pace and increase workloads.

Concessions Program:  a public entity wanted to improve services to the public, relations with bidders, and increase revenues.  Kirk surveyed recent bidders to determine opportunities for improvement.  Kirk brought in a concessions expert to assist with new profit centers and establish criteria for the RFP evaluation.  Result, the public entity rewrote concessions policies to be responsive to bidders while complying with state law.